• Lone Working

    NNTC Improving the safety of your lone workers

  • Personal Safety Training

    NNTC Turning policy into practice

  • Conflict Resolution / De-escalation

    NNTC A positive approach to managing challenging behavior

  • Sexual Harassment & Bullying at work

    NNTC Promoting a workplace culture of dignity and respect

Personal Safety Training

Here at the National Network of Training Consultants, we work with clients to create the best possible workplace environment for all. We function as a co-operative of highly experienced and fully qualified trainers who will work within your place of work to improve every aspect regarding dignity and respect.

We uphold a commitment to preventing all forms of workplace violence and bullying, assessing the culture of your workplace and listening to your needs as a basic foundation to the training that we implement. We purposely make our training very interactive, with its delivery often taken from being centred around the participants.

Through discussion and exploration of different ideas, we aim to get participants to really think and engage with the topics we cover. Learning about personal safety is of great importance, and we cover a variety of different areas.

Included focus points are lone working training, de-escalation training, sexual harassment awareness training, bullying at work awareness training, and breakaway skills training. The person carrying out the training will be a specialist in their field, yet our network means you can access the best trainers at a lower cost. The NNTC will help you promote a positive workplace culture, with the added benefit of high levels of productivity and quality professional relationships.

If you’re interested in any of these training packages, or if you have a particular request, feel free to get in touch by calling us on 01274 589071. We will do our best to meet your requirements or point you in the direction of somewhere else that can meet your needs.

Lone Working Training
De-escalation Training
Sexual Harassment Awareness Training
Bullying At Work Awareness Training
Breakaway Skills Training